Recording studios and music rooms

sala musica insonorizzata
Unitecna industry


We design spaces tailored to meet the most demanding acoustic requirements, such as those needed for recording studios and music rooms, as well as soundproofed booths and chambers for musicians.

Correcting the acoustic response of a closed environment requires knowledge of various aspects of acoustic physics and a skillful use of the different materials available today. Proper control of reverberation time, acoustic reflections at various frequencies, adjusting the spectral and spatial distribution of sound, and preventing the occurrence of resonance phenomena are essential.

Spaces are meticulously designed starting from their geometric shape, without neglecting acoustic isolation from adjacent rooms or the outside. Special attention is given to preventing noise transmission through solid floors.

One of the most important aspects is the definition of sound-absorbing or reverberating surfaces, their placement, and the choice of doors and windows that must be tailored to the requirements of the entire ensemble.

If necessary, movable or adjustable sound-absorbing surfaces are introduced to have environments with variable acoustics, particularly versatile for recording spoken word or various musical genres from modern music to classical singing. Often, air conditioning systems also need to be soundproofed to avoid being sources of disturbing noise.

In conclusion, these special environments contribute to the sound field established within them, much like the acoustic chamber of a musical instrument. Our task is to ensure that this contribution aligns with the client’s needs, without causing limitations or distortions.