The UNITECNA Industry produces, with its advanced technology, a vasty range of sound insulation walls.
They are used in all cases in which you want to separate a volume intended to contain the noisy machines from another acoustically protected only operators, re-creating the optimal conditions work.
The excellent degree of finish and accuracy in detail, make the walls a stylish piece of furniture, with looks clean and in the structure in both doors. The walls can be made of aluminum or steel.

UNITECNA INDUSTRY SRL - Via degli Scavi n.33 int. 3 - 47122 Forlì - ITALY
Tel +39 0543 796260 - Fax +39 0543 722830 - e-mail
p.iva/reg. imprese prov. Forlė/Cesena 03739540403 - cap. sociale € 50.643,00 i.v.
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